Under Tile Heating Kits

R 1,300.00R 4,593.00

TileWarm® under tile heating kits can be installed under tiles, ceramic, stone, marble and vinyl flooring. TileWarm® takes the chill off cold floors and creates a wonderful warm sensation underfoot.

The under tile heating systems are 100% safe and waterproof. This makes Coldbuster® ultimately suitable for wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens.

Under tile heating offers distinct advantages in comfort, safety and health.

Easy size selection tables provided.

The following documents may be downloaded:

Thermostats not included in kits.




Measuring tips for bathrooms:

Measure the size of the room and subtract area for bath/shower and vanity. Refer to size selection table.  Typically 95% – 100% of the available floor area will be heated with bathrooms and kitchens.

Measuring tips for other rooms:

Measure the size of the room and refer to size selection table.  Typically 70 – 80% coverage is required as heating will not be extended under cabinets, wardrobes or heavy furniture and also not under beds.

Under tile heating size selection table

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White (1.8m²), Yellow (2.8m²), Black (3.6m²), Green (4.8m²), Blue (5.9m²), Red (7.5m²), Orange (9.5m²)