Under Laminate Heating Kits

R 1,660.00R 4,608.00

Wood B-Warmer® is a unique underfloor heating system that can easily be installed under floating wood and laminates.

This underfloor heating system, is specially designed to heat evenly and effectively for wood and laminated flooring, as certain precautions and limitations are required to prevent damage.  

The under laminate heating kits require temperature limitation to preserve the aesthetic appeal of laminated and wood flooring and prevent buckling or warping.

Easy size selection tables provided.

The following documents may be downloaded:

Thermostats not included in kits.



To determine how much underfloor heating you need, simply measure the size of the room you wish to heat and refer to the selection table.


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Yellow (2.9m²), Black (3.6m²), Green (5.1m²), Blue (6.3m²), Red (8.1m²), Purple (10.3m²)