Countertop Heaters

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Yes, you can heat stone countertops safely and effectively.

Enjoy warm countertops in your kitchen with our stick on countertop heaters used to warm up any stone countertop.  Warm countertops will also keep food warm longer.

You may choose to heat only the areas that are frequently touched or where you sit the most, so it won’t interfere with food preparations.

Our heaters are available in three popular sizes or fully customizable and can be designed to fit your exact overhang or island.  All heaters include adjustable switches, to use as needed.

Available on order.  Contact our call centre for more information 0800 11 22 15.



The CounterBuddy is a stick on radiant heating pad which is easily installed underneath stone countertops. Specially designed to heat stone safely without damaging.

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1.00m x 0.50m 100W, 1.20m x 0.30m 80W, 1.35m x 0.30m 90W