Heated Foot Mats

Heated Foot Mats

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  • Heated Foot Mat by Coldbuster R 781.74R 1,299.13

    Heated Foot Mats

    The COLDBUSTER® Heated Foot Mat is a portable form of heating intended to warm your feet, improving your circulation and comfort.

    These electric foot warmers are available in three different sizes and can be used almost anywhere: offices, studies, TV rooms, including salons!

    These low power heating mats bring you comfort you can afford, with running costs from R1 a day, dependent on foot mat size*.  See description below.

    Download the Coldbuster Heated Foot Mat User Guide

    For warming cold spots in larger areas, see the Rugbuddy Under Rug Heater.

    All portable floor heating products are manufactured with the underfloor heating concept in mind, bringing you safe, economical, healthy heating. Please note:  If using the heated foot mat on a tiled floor, we recommend using carpet underlay underneath for thermal efficiency.  This can be bought at any carpet or flooring supplier.  Jute,  felt and foam underlays are most suited for this purpose.    
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