Ceiling Panel Heaters

Ceiling Panel Heaters

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    Ceiling Panel Heaters

    Ceiling panel heaters are ideal for heating offices and commercial buildings effectively and safely and can help minimize Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

    Ceiling heating is one of the healthiest forms of heating, the lack of moving air means no airborne allergens, bacteria or dry air, creating a much healthier living climate for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.  

    SUNSHINE® ceiling panel module heaters are designed to be installed in the ceiling on top of the existing ceiling board panel and available as two modules:

    The stick-on heater modules are suitable for fixed (including rhino board) and suspended ceilings. *See application below

    The ceiling heater module on steel plates (white chromadeck) specially designed for suspended ceilings. *See application below

    Insulation is installed on top of the heating panels to minimize heat loss into the roof cavity.

    May be used as primary or supplementary heating.  Suitable for retrofit.

    Custom sizes available on order to fit any ceiling module system required.  Contact our Call Center on 0800 11 22 15 for more information.

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