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The KlimaStat™ temperature controller switches your floor heating system on and off to maintain the temperature you have dialled in.  If the room temperature is lower, the controller switches the heating on and when the dialled-in temperature (set point) is reached, it switches your heating off.


This is different from the regulator on a hob, which will allow the food to warm up faster if a higher setting is dialled in.  Not so with the floor heating, as long as the room temperature is below the set point, it will operate at 100% capacity until this temperature is reached.

This unit operates with a bi-metal and can switch up to 15 Amp (3.5 kW)



The SimpleStattemperature controller is a entry level non-programmable electronic thermostat which controls your room temperature around a predetermined setpoint. The unit has a built-in digital thermometer and is powered by 2 AA (penlight) batteries. Note: this is a surface mount unit.

The rotary knob is used to increase or decrease the setpoint by 1-3 degrees. This allows for easy operation.
Contacts switch 220-240 VAC 16 Amp.

This unit is also available on a 4"x4" grid plate with built-in isolator switch.

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RemoStat - Programmable RF Thermostat



This programmable RF room thermostat consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver unit.

The installation requires no wiring, but the receiver and transmitter must be fitted within a range of 30 metres from each other.

A unique address code is set up as part of the commissioning procedure to ensure that your RF receiver only responds to instructions from it's corresponding transmitter (16 Channels.)

Blue-Backlight & translucent soft keys allow easy operation in dim surroundings.

Features of the programmable thermostat allow for daily or weekly operation plus special settings for weekends and an override facility. The receiver also has a facility to connect an optional probe for floor temperature limitation, which is required for sensitive flooring (wood / vinyl).

Download the installation and programming manual from here.

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EzeeStat Room - Programmable room thermostat    SPECIAL - REDUCED IN PRICE!!!

EzeeStat Room Thermostat

The EzeeStat Room temperature controller is a fully programmable thermostat similar to the Smartstat above.
It has the following features:

* Large display 72 x 64 mm
* Interactive programming
* EEPROM Memory Backup
* Temperature display 0-50 °C
* Temperature Control Range 5-35 °C
* 24 Hour / 12 Hour Clock
* 5 Workday & Saturday Sunday programmes
* Powered by 2 AA batteries (programme is not affected by power outages).
* Contacts switch 8A current - For higher currents a contactor may be added - see ancillaries.

Download the installation and programming manual from here.

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EzeeStat Floor - Programmable floor thermostat 


The EzeeStat Floor thermostat has the same features as the above model, however, it controls the floor temperature in the same as the EzeeStat Room controls the room temperature. Otherwise the functionallity is identical to the above thermostat. The large display guides the user through the programme.

Because the unit is battery operated it can be taken off the wall for programming. This feature is normally known as 'arm chair programming'.

Ideal for bathrooms, as this unit does not have to be installed in the room to be controlled, but the thermostat can be mounted on the other side of the wall.

Download the installation and programming manual from here.

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EzeeStat II surface mount thermostatThe EzeeStat II™ Multi-function thermostat can operate in 3 modes:

- Room temperature control
- Floor temperature control
- Room temperature control with floor limitation

This fully programmable surface mount thermostat. It can be programmed to have it's setpoint chosen between Comfort and Economy for each ½ hourly period for every day of the week.

It is powered from mains through an isolation transformer and has a battery backup to keep the clock running on time during power outages. The user program is stored in non-volatile memory.

Switches 240V~ at 15 Amp.

Download the installation and programming manual from here.

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